Abdominal Pain

A variety of conditions can cause this common symptom. The pain could arise from above or below the navel.

Some of the common causes of pain above the navel

  • Musculoskeletal sprain
  • Gastro oesophageal reflux {heart burn}
  • Lower pleuritis {inflammation of the outer coverings of the lung}
  • Gastric ulcer {ulcer in the inner linings of the stomach}
  • Duodenal ulcer {inflammation in the small intestine connected to the stomach}
  • Hepatitis {inflammation of the liver}
  • Inflammation of the gall bladder with gall stones
  • Pancreatitis {inflammation of the pancreas which can cause a severe pain in the back}
  • Peritonitis {inflammation of the inner coverings of the abdomen}

Some common causes of pain below the navel

  • Appendicitis which starts with pain in the navel, later on moving to the right side.
  • Kidney stones
  • Pylonephritis {inflammation of the kidneys}
  • Urethral stones {stones in the tubes connecting the kidneys and the urinary bladder}
  • Cystitis {inflammation of the urinary bladder}
  • Uretheral stones {stones in the tube connecting the urinary bladder and penis}
  • Urethritis {inflammation of the tube connecting the urinary bladder and the penis}
  • Diverticulosis {the linings of the small intestine develop sac like out pouching due to weakening of the muscles covering the intestines}
  • Diverticulitis {inflammation of these sacs like out pouching}
  • Volvulus {twisting of the intestines which can cut off blood supply}
  • Ischemic colitis {when the blood supply to the intestine is compromised}
  • Salpingitis {inflammation of the fallopian tubes}
  • Ectopic pregnancy {where the baby develops in a site other than the uterus}

Each of the above conditions gives rise to classical signs and symptoms. With the help of blood tests, endoscopy {where a tube is passed in the stomach and the ulcer visualised and in some cases tissue harvested for biopsy}, X rays, CT scan and MRI the cause can be found out and treated.

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