Online clinic

online clinic is an online surgery which transcends geographical boundaries and saves patients visits to the doctor and valuable chair time of the doctors. Self diagnosis online made possible by the-online-doctor with secure logins for both patients and doctors enables doctors to help patients online for non-emergency health problems.

But please note that online clinic is not an alternative to visiting the doctor in person, since physical examination of a patient is not possible online. However, online clinic is a very useful supplement to a doctor’s visit, when used for pre-visit consultations and post-visit follow-ups.

Although self diagnosis online is possible through our online clinic, we strongly believe providing prescriptions for medications online is unethical and dangerous and is not encouraged.

Benefits of online clinic

  • Online pre-doctor’s visit consultation
  • A thorough history can be obtained beforehand saving valuable time during doctors’ initial consultation. Laboratory tests such as blood tests, urine sample tests can be requested for the patient enabling the doctor to perform a more focussed examination arriving at the diagnosis much quicker.

  • Online post-doctor’s visit follow up
  • Patients can be informed the results of the laboratory tests and appropriate advice given online saving a visit to the doctors.

  • Online review of patient condition can be done during
  • 1. long term illness when the patient is predominantly house bound
    2. when the patient is abroad on a holiday
    3. Is relocating to a foreign country

  • Patients and doctors can get second opinion online
  • Doctors can refer patients to appropriate specialists online saving paper work and time spent in a conventional referral process.

Steps to access online clinic

  • download skype software ( its free!!! )
  • make an appointment with the online-doctor by emailing [email protected]
  • consult the doctor online through a webcam at the appointment time. it’s that simple!!!