Cosmetic Products

Complications of cosmetic products could range from a relatively innocuous mild inflammation and redness at the cosmetic product application site to allergic contact dermatitis which could lead on to skin infection, ulceration and potential scarring making cosmetic product safety of paramount importance. The following are the main risk factors for complications

  • The composition of the product.
  • The concentrations of its individual ingredients.
  • The use of substances to enhance penetration of the product.
  • The application site on the body.
  • The condition of the skin at the application site.
  • The contact time of the cosmetic product left on the skin.
  • The frequency of application.
  • The cumulative effects over time of using the same or different cosmetic products.
  • Cross reactions between active ingredients in different cosmetic products.

All of these factors must be explored by the therapist during the consultation process when assessing a potential allergic reaction.

Cosmetic product safety- cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment by a suitably qualified person before they can be placed on the market. Marketing terms such as hypo-allergenic, dermatologically tested and allergy screened are vague and nonspecific, thus compromising cosmetic product safety. Our specialist doctors could carry out a consultation and recommend the cosmetic product right for you. Please note that we are merely making recommendations and not suggesting or in any way implying that you go with our recommendations.

Cosmetic product safety regulations- The main objective of cosmetic product safety legislation is to safeguard public health and all cosmetic products in the market should comply with the cosmetic product safety regulations (2008).

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