Cosmetic Surgery

With most of the initial consultation and medical advice in cosmetic surgery clinics being provided by non-medical counsellors and customer service personnel, sound, bespoke and evidence based medical advice has become a very scarce commodity.

Most of the private cosmetic surgery clinics have no information in their website about the surgeon who operates or are very sketchy in providing details like qualifications, training, number of procedures performed, success rate, complication rate, registration etc, so choosing the right cosmetic surgery clinic as you could imagine is absolutely crucial in ensuring a good outcome.

Some cosmetic surgery clinics employ fly in surgeons from other countries who perform the surgery and are not around to deal with complications if they should occur, endangering the patient. At online doctor we perform the necessary background research and provide medically sound recommendations. Please note that we are merely making recommendations and not suggesting or in any way implying that you go with our recommendations.

Some of the cosmetic surgery clinics adopt unethical and unprofessional advertising with hidden pricing schemes to entice the customer, but hike the price as add-ons later on rather than providing the final price upfront.

Although there are a number of cosmetic surgery UK information and comparison websites, they provide hardly any information about the operating surgeon and the equipment used.

We would maintain a directory of reputable cosmetic surgery clinics practising acceptable standards of care and the qualifications, training, registration details, success rate and complication rate of treating doctors and surgeons.

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