1.    Why do you want to join the online doctor?

  • To network and connect with other doctors and medical professionals – Any doctor and allied medical professionals from all over the world can join the online doctor to interact with each other and share information, knowledge and experience.
  • To join the medical panel of the online doctor – To dispense sound, bespoke, evidence based medical advice and make recommendations or suggestions about different treatment options.
  • A doctor and allied medical professional can join the online doctor to network and connect with other doctors and allied medical professionals OR join the medical panel OR both.

2.    Who can join the online doctor?

  • Any doctor from all over the world, who is in good standing with the necessary regulatory bodies in their respective countries for example the General Medical Council (UK) or American Board (USA) can join the online doctor.
  • Any specialist in their respective specialty can join- NHS consultants, consultants in the private sector, registrars, associate specialists, middle grade doctors, dentists and general practitioners with special interest.
  • Allied medical professionals like nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiographers, optometrists, orthoptists, dieticians and health experts.

3.    What are the benefits of joining the online doctor?

  • Each doctor and allied medical professional would have their personalised web page (micro site as we call it), raising their profile in the World Wide Web – you can send a message, blog from your micro site or tweet!!!
  • Build a patient base for private practise.
  • Interact with patients through the website for both consultation and follow-up saving valuable chair time.
  • Refer patients to other doctors through the website.
  • Consult other doctors for second opinion.
  • To promote awareness of good health in the community.

4.    What are the benefits for hospitals and other health organisations?

  • To advertise their consultants with special interests.
  • Specialised treatments offered.