About Us
The idea was borne out of pure necessity and the founder's personal experience of his patients being misinformed and misguided resulting in patients getting confused as to the best course of action. With most of the initial consultations and medical advice in the private sector being provided by non-medical counsellors and customer services, sound, bespoke and evidence based medical advice has become a very scarce commodity. At the online doctor we believe that the treating consultant or the medical expert must be involved much earlier on during the initial consultation process to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

Most of the private cosmetic surgery providers have no information in their website about the surgeon who operates or are very sketchy in providing details like qualifications, training, number of procedures performed, success rate, complication rate, registration etc, so choosing the right surgeon as you could imagine is absolutely crucial in ensuring a good outcome.

Some private healthcare companies employ fly in surgeons from other countries who perform the surgery and are not around to deal with complications if they should occur, endangering the patient. At online doctor we perform the necessary background research and provide sound medical advice and recommendations.

One could contact our team of medical experts either by email for medical advice or could have a web chat through a webcam.

With the general practitioners under greater pressure than ever before to consult as many patients as possible and working on a one appointment = one problem = 10 minutes basis, time has become a major constraint for proper medical consultation and diagnosis. It is our intention that our medical diagnosis website without any actual time constraints could facilitate the consultation and diagnosis process immensely.

The National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K., although being the most cost effective and accessible healthcare system in the western world, the minimal cost to the patient comes with several compromises such as long waiting times to get seen by a specialist, feeling rushed during the consultation with the specialist, limited opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts during the consultation process, waiting list for any investigations such as CT scans or MRI scans and again a waiting list to get the treatment or surgery done. Through our medical diagnosis website one could ask medical questions, clarify any doubts and feel reassured by a panel of distinguished medical experts. We also provide medical advice and recommendations if you wish to go overseas for investigations or treatment.

With the NHS adopting a "choose and book" policy, giving you the freedom to avail the best treatment possible anywhere in the country, we could do the background research and point you in the right direction more like a medical chaperone. Accessing quality medical advice and medical care has never been more convenient through our medical diagnosis website.