With most of the initial consultation and medical advice for LASIK eye surgery being provided by non-medical counsellors, customer service personnel and inexperienced optometrists, sound, bespoke and evidence based medical advice has become a very scarce commodity. Potentially risky and borderline candidates for LASIK eye surgery are treated increasing LASIK eye surgery risks and complications.

Some clinics operate with old laser machines which could severely compromise results of LASIK eye surgery astigmatism. In order to cut costs some high street chains providing LASIK eye surgery use older models of laser machines in less busier clinics, with the latest model in their busier clinics which again could severely compromise results after LASIK.

Some LASIK eye clinics employ fly in surgeons from other countries who perform the surgery and are not around after LASIK surgery to deal with complications if they should occur, endangering the patient. At online doctor we perform the necessary background research on LASIK eye surgery clinics and provide medically sound recommendations. Please note that we are merely making recommendations and not suggesting or in any way implying that you go with our recommendations.

Some high street LASIK eye surgery clinics don't have a resident doctor in the clinic to deal with any sight threatening emergencies after LASIK surgery such as dislodged LASIK flaps, severe inflammation underneath the flap otherwise known as Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK) and most often patients are shunted between clinics to get medical attention and treatment for any emergencies.

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