Medical Tourism

Most of the providers of cheap surgery abroad have no information in their website about the surgeon who operates or are very sketchy in providing details like qualifications, training, number of procedures performed, success rate, complication rate, registration etc, so choosing the right surgeon as you could imagine is absolutely crucial in ensuring a good outcome.

We would be providing health travel advice and maintain a directory of reputable treatment centres located overseas using latest equipment and the qualifications, training, registration details, success rate and complication rate of treating doctors and surgeons.

We could also provide health travel advice in finding a reputable treatment centre abroad and do the basic background research about the operating surgeon and the equipment used, so that you don't end up a victim of cheap surgery abroad. Please note that we are merely making recommendations and not suggesting or in any way implying that you go with our recommendations.

We would liaise with the treating surgeon so that you are kept well informed at all times and oversee your care whilst your stay there. We could also oversee your smooth transition of aftercare from the treatment centre abroad to a facility in the U.K.

Get the online doctor's approval and peace of mind.