Travel Insurance

With lots of travel medical insurance companies flooding the market, picking the right one can be confusing and a daunting task. Although there are an equal number of travel medical insurance comparison websites claiming to help you make that decision, hardly any provide the medical information needed in making an informed decision. One could simply be paying in excess for a travel medical insurance cover they don’t necessarily need. The so called travel health insurance consultants most of the time hard sell and glaze over important medical aspects of your cover.

At the online doctor we provide an in-depth analysis of your travel medical insurance and come up with recommendations and suggestions so that you go with the right travel medical insurance. As we are an independent medical consultancy unlike travel health insurance websites we will always act in your best interests.

At the online doctor, once we have reviewed your medical status thoroughly from the information you have provided which is kept highly confidential, we do a travel medical insurance comparison of your search and make recommendations as to the better travel medical insurance policy that’s value for money. Please note that we are merely making recommendations and not suggesting or in any way implying that you go with our recommendations.

If for instance you are stranded abroad due to a medical reason we could provide you with online support answering all your queries and making sure you tap the right medical resources. We could even communicate with the doctors treating you abroad to keep you better informed.

Get the online doctor’s approval and peace of mind.